Why was Clarendon designed?

The typeface Clarendon was invented to be used to emphasize words of interest within the posters design to quickly grab the viewer’s attention. It was bold enough to act as a highlight however fit well with the other text being used. Popularly used for wanted ads in the 1860’s. wanted

Clarendon today is used in various logos, advertisements and signs.


After 2D Design


After this class I learned most off all that design is NOT easy. I never thought it was effortless but I thought it was a fast process because of how simple some compositions are , like the photo above. I know now the process of design and I need to work on it myself. getting a visual flow with only black and white shapes is hard as it is, but to get smaller shapes to interlock and work , now that is interesting. After doing a project like this, I now see the thought behind it.

The work above is not my own work.

Cubism – Suttle vs. Extravagance

I am here going nuts about how many shapes and crazyness I will need for this project on cubism – When in reality – LESS IS MORE  –

The thought of cubism scares me – working with photos scare me because I tend to be a perfectionist and look down at my imperfection which puts off my process in starting – but looking at other students work i notice how simple they were – i am thinking too much – as always – about this project – which honestly overwhelmed me with stress because this is new to me in Photoshop.

As an artist – new things are overwhelming and starting is hard for me because I feel my ideas are no good – Like with the hyper realism project I felt “damn this is dumb” and I feel ashamed with it honestly.

Just thinking on this project.

Adobe Illustrator Vs. Me Part 1

I am thinking of doing this thing where I post my experiences with illustrator( on my spare time of course)

The previous knowledge I had for illustrator was simple – Vectors – No Freedom – No Blending – NO WAY GOODBYE! OFF to Manga Studio and Photoshop!

Now, maybe high school didn’t teach me that there is more to illustrator besides pretty shapes and perfect lines.

I want to explore this program because I am a Photoshop user, I love the challenge and my Digital Imaging Teacher ( yes you Miss Deborah) said “Artists who use photoshop are amateurs”

I am a very stubborn and proud individual – that stung BUT all in good criticism. Not to say my work is bad BUT to say my program knowledge is weak , which yeah it isn’t the best.

I am self taught and I am again super stubborn – however Illustrator does catch my interest now that I saw what people can do with it alone ( I love drawing and creating) so this will be a fun learning experience. I hope to see what i can do with what I find. Illustrator


The video was alittle odd at the same time informative.

Honestly I didn’t think much of cubism , only “not really my thing why this of all things Miss Deborah why this?” but I guess that’s because I do not get it. Its not ugly or weird to me. The language doesn’t hit home.

It has me thinking, Time and movement. Honestly How? Hoe does that signify the creating of cubism? is it because of the dimension the art gives off? Is it the illusion of something flat being displayed as an object. What KIND of language is this!?

I am up for a challenge but where to start? Are there rules and how do I break them? How do I understand something that I can not read or see?

However without knowing what it is or its significance at the moment being, its great looking, I like the sharpness and the shadow and highlight for some of these paintings and drawings. Who knows maybe when I get it , I will be doing a few of my own.

The work below is not my own work.