Page layout inspirations

These selected layout show what I want overall in my own layout. I want step by step instructions however I want it to be visually informative as well as relying on text.


Choosing a pallette for the layout

I want this article to feel informative yet bright and full of energy. I want neutral colors as well as a pop of color.

The swatches chosen will change, however these feel like a good place to start.

“Magazine Cover Name”

My fake magazine will be named “BeltKit Ink.”. A magazine for small how-to’s to make life easier for illustrators.

Magazine Layout: How to…

The layout template that will be explored is “How to ____ like a pro!” The topic will be on how to “sketch” like a pro. The steps will include how to start with general shapes, then adjusting to more shapes , finalizing specific lines and shapes and finishing touches/shading. I would like to bring illustration into this layout since that is the topic of interest as well as keep a simple and informative tutorial that is easy to read and understand the steps.